five steps for change

5 tips to get you started for a change in your life!

Well it is now the new year and with that many people will make resolutions only to break them after a few days.  They are not mentally ready  to begin a change in their life.  They use New Years Day as a time as good as any to start without much thought or preparation.  This is a sure way not to succeed.  Not that picking that date has anything to do with it.  It is because they thought that “I will see what I want to change for this year” and that New Years Day is the only reason for a change.  AEEEGGHHHH!  Wrong answer!

The desire for change has to come from within.  You have to have a deep burning desire or passion to want to change.  Maybe an event in your life triggers it and you don’t want to keep going the way your have been.  You could be just fed up!  Hitting rock bottom can be a catalyst for change.  What ever the reason here are five tips to get you started on your change:

1. Be certain you are really ready and wanting to change.  

So many people are “want to be” when it comes to change.  They think that it would be nice and the wish they could change.  They haven’t come to the cold hard conclusion that they need to change or suffer on.  Make sure you are ready to “walk the walk” and are serious about change.

2. Decide what it is you want to change.

Just saying you need to change isn’t enough.  Decide what it is you want to change.  Do you want to get healthy?  Lose weight? Stop smoking?  Start a business?  Find the love of your life?  All these and more?  Look at your life and choose what it is you want to change.  The only whey you will create a change in your life is to change your life.

3. Set a goal for the change.

Now that you have decided on what to change, how much do you want to change it?  You might say “I want more money in my life” and the next thing you know if you find a quarter on the ground.  That is more money in your life.  You had a wish or dream but no focus to it at all.  Make a goal of what you want to achieve .  Do you want to lose 50 pounds?  Make 50,000 more this year?  Whatever it is – make it a goal.  Set the intention and put it out to the universe!

4. Take the first step and set up an action plan.

Now that you have a goal – set up an action plan to reach it.  Even if you have no idea of how you are going to attain your goal, you should create a start point and an end point for the plan.  You can fill in as you go or as needed.  You have to have a roadmap to get to a new destination?  Just going blindly any direction may not get you to where you are going.  Start with a direction in mind.

5. Take the first step on the journey!

Now take the first step.  You can correct as you go along.  If it is weight loss then decide what method you want and start!  Want to make more money?  Decide if you want to get a better job or start your own business.  Maybe you want to invest.  Maybe just cutting back on expenses and saving more will be all that is needed.  Whatever it is – take the first step!


Those are simple and beginning action steps you can to to start moving in the direction of the change you want to have happen.  Keep you passion fires burning and go for it.  Another new year is just around the corner.  Don’t let another year go by without the change that you desire.  After all this is your one life – not a dress rehearsal!