73 year old woman with the body of a 20 year old

This is an example of someone who has developed the mind, body, soul balance. She is an inspiration to all of us. Imagine looking that good at 70 years old. Just one thing to do – get the mental garbage out of your head and go for your goal in life. Ernestine Shepherd has developed the mental discipline, removed limiting beliefs and has strived for her goal – to be in perfect physical shape. She is amazing. I don’t know her personally, but I am sure that she uses the law of attraction in her mental toughness. She may not know she is, but it is obvious to me that her mind set and what she is thinking is manifesting in her life.

We can all learn a lesson from Ernestine. Clear out the internal baggage and the thoughts of “I can’t do that”, “I don’t have time” or the thousand other limiting beliefs and thoughts you have. Focus on what you want to create. Be clear with what you want to create. Don’t just think – I want to be in better shape – think and visualize – I am a perfect body, I win bodybuilding competitions, I have a six pack set of abs, I have muscular definition and whatever else that you really want in your body.

It is up to you to create this. Up to you too shape your life. No one else will do it for you. Just some food for thought for the day.