About Living in Balance Today

A little about Scott:

Scott grew up in central Illinois during the 60′s and 70′s. He was born to a wonderful set of parents that raised him to be responsible, caring and always full of wonder. At the time Scott strived to be like his parents – hard working factory workers who did what needed to be done to raise a family of six. Scott, being the oldest child, was called on to help take care of his siblings while the parents worked. Life and growth at the time was challenging. He knew that he wanted to leave and strike out on his own. At 18 he did so. Scott modeled himself after his parents – the only role models that he knew at the time.

Being out on his own made him grow up quickly.  He learned that you had to work to get what you wanted.  He dreamed of having the everyday life at that time of a family, home and going to work daily. He went on this way for a number of years until he reached a new level of growth. He felt like something was missing. So he started to read, listen to and study many of the great motivators, teachers and self help mentors that he could get a hold of. His mind started to grow and look at things in a different way.

Scott is a martial arts master and has a 4th degree black belt in two different martial arts. Scott also served in the Army and was an honor student from the Signal school and NBC school.  The Army helped instill discipline and taught hime what it takes to get things done.   Scott is also a certified raw foods coach.  Scott is a published author and has a book of healthy recipes and weight loss on amazon. Scott is also a graduate of Peak Potentials “Train the Trainer” course.  Scott is also a certified NLP practitioner.  He also is a Reiki practitioner.   Scott has attained a BA in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. These teaching have helped support what Scott has learned over the years.

He found that everything was interconnected in some way no matter who or what you are. Everything is made of matter that is made up of energy that is the same but is vibrating at a different frequency. This means that what you think can effect everything in your life. Your mind, like a two way radio, transmits and receives frequencies. After all it is all energy.

Thus your thoughts and what you think about form your life. You are what you think the most about. With new thoughts and actions you can change your life to what you want it to be.

This site is dedicated to helping you change your life. It is a journal of Scott’s thoughts, his sharing of what he has learned and a way share how Scott is still changing his own life.

This site if for you. So you can learn, grow, change and reach greater heights.

Scott invites you to be a part of this journey and grow with him while reaching your own dreams. Scott will share what he has learned over his lifetime.