Are you putting limits on yourself?

 In John Assaraf’s video on “How Your Mental Governor Holds You Back”, John talks about how we have a set point in our minds.  This is the point where you don’t go past.  It is your limiting belief about yourself and what you can do.  Like a thermostat, you have set points about yourself.  You have a vision of what you should weigh or how much money you should make or just what you are really capable of doing.  These are points that you are not even aware of.  You may dream and wish “I want to weigh XX or I want to earn XXXXXXX” but in reality your “Governor” is holding you back.  The Governor is a device that limits how fast something will go usually in some motorized vehicle like a riding lawn mower or other utility vehicle so you don’t go to fast to be safe.

Just like the Governor on a vehicle the internal one that you have is doing the same thing.  Your inner belief of yourself, the one that runs us all on autopilot, is acting as a governor.  These beliefs stop us from taking risks and doing more that what you are currently doing.  It doesn’t matter where they come from but you should understand that they do hold you back and you need to change them.

Use John’s idea of reprogramming yourself with visualization!  I you are not sure what your limiting beliefs are….just look at your life!  What kind of health are you in?  Where is your income at?  Are you living where you want to?  Are you doing the type of work you want to?  You can see just what your limiting beliefs are by where you are at in you life.  I will have people say “Hey, that is not fair,  I have worked hard and just haven’t been able to do…..”  or “I try to diet and I lose some weight but it just comes right back”.  Well doesn’t that tell you something?  Doesn’t show you just what you truly think you are?  Is your body keeping you at your weight to protect you from something?  Are you not making money because you don’t have faith in yourself or afraid that if you make money you will be “bad” or get hurt in some way?  Maybe you think that being rich and having money is evil.  Whatever it is, lets get going and reprogram your mind!

Begin to take steps in the direction you want to go.  Take charge and responsibility for where and what you are now.  Start the change and it will happen.  Give your mind the images it needs to reprogram itself.  The mind works in images and emotions.  It doesn’t use words so stick with vivid imagery with emotions thrown in.  Like John says, act like you are going for an Oscar!  Make it as real as possible.  Do this daily and change your life!