Don't Worry Be Happy

Don’t Worry – Be Happy! Don’t let worry rule your life!

Why let worry rule your life. Worry is about the future and you only have the now. Worry can steal your health. Worry can stop you from taking action. Worry has stolen dreams. Why does this happen. Worry is like a poison that slowly kills. It gets into your mind and chips away at you. In the back of your mind worry will make a home and do its best to derail you from being, doing or becoming what you want to be. Worry is usually worse that what it is that you are worrying about. Live in the now. That doesn’t mean that you don’t plan for the future. Plan and work in the now for your future. Enjoy the only time there is. Take action to bring about the results you want and not spend the time in worry.

I have the audio from this video available as a podcast. Listen or feel free to download!