Electronic devices – Are you missing out on life using them?

I know that I have been talking about changing your life and becoming who and what you want to be.  Even this message is being delivered on electronic devices.  In some cases they can really help you learn and grow.  It has never been so easy to connect with people and find out information on any subject you want.  The internet is delivered across many platforms and can be a real useful tool.  This is definitely one of the good things about electronic devices.  You can learn and grow from the information and teaching they can deliver.

Electronic devices can also suck the life from you!  Studies show that the average teenager will text over 100 times a day.  It is probably more now since that study was done.  I walk through stores and see people just walking along and doing nothing but looking at their phones.  They are texting, Facebook surfing and other social media.  They are totally oblivious to what is going on around them.  They are missing out on how to interact with live people.  Yes of course they are communicating with people on their devices.  That is only one form and a very limiting form of communications.  Interacting with people involves body language, voice inflections, mannerisms and facial expressions.  Most of these device users are losing their ability to really interact with people.  They also miss out on what is happening around them.

I recently was in a nice Mexican restaurant that had a live band walking around and playing for the patrons.  They would do the happy birthday song with a cool Mexican spin to it.  It was very entertaining and I was having a good time watching them.  They came to the table next to us that had a large family of the two parents and four kids.  The band started to play a birthday song for one of the parents and the parents were into it and looked like they enjoyed themselves  They kids on the other hand all where looking at their electronic devices.  Some texting, some surfing and some paying games.  They even went so far as to pull out headphones to block out the music from the band who was playing for them.  They basically treated them like they weren’t even there.  Talk about missing out on the things that are going on around you!  This also showed an extreme disrespect for the band and what they were doing.  What an amazing moment they missed because they had conditioned themselves that the virtual world is more interesting than the real one.  Life, experience, a chance to interact with fellow human beings on a more personal level lost.

This does show ultimate focus, but the focus is on the wrong things.  This is an addiction.  Life is so full of many things that we can experience and grow from.  It gives us many opportunities to live to the fullest and be the best we can be.  Living in the virtual world all the time is not the way to do it.  There is a place for virtual interaction but it should not dominate everything your do.

How many hours a day do you lose watching mindless television?  It is also an addiction. People complain they don’t have the time to do something, learn something, read a book to grow, create their life the way they want it…they are just to busy.  They are wasting precious hours looking at things that in the long run won’t do diddly squat for them.  They keep running the hamster wheel of this behavior pattern and keep burning up their life and when it gets to late they wonder “what in the hell happened?”

Don’t waste hours on things that don’t benefit you.  I am not saying don’t use your devices to help your grow.  I am saying to put them into perspective and realize they are a tool – not the end all be all to your life.  Like any tool you can only build great things if you use the tool correctly.  Tools used incorrectly can cause harm and damage that may not be able to be fixed.  Don’t let these tools master your life.  You should master them and use them to work on your life.