Failing is the only way to get a passing grade in life

The schools system does have some wonderful and very beneficial things that it does for today’s youth.  It does give us the education to get started in life.  Teaches us to read, write and for some do arithmetic.  Yes the teachers are some unsung heroes that I do admire.  There are some things though that they do not teach and can even be a mental set back in life.  How they grade us.  In school everyone strives to get an “A”.  That is the success that everyone is striving for.  Getting the “A” is akin to having success in adult life.  There is a disconnect though.  In school if your get to many “F'” grades you will fail that class or that grade.  In adult life if you get a “F” that means you are trying until you get a passing grade and don’t fail.

In life you have to try many things before you can reach any success that you are aiming for.  That means you are going to fail.  No if, ands or buts, it will happen.  Not everything will be a passing grade.  That is how you learn.  If it doesn’t work try another way.  After a while you will find the way or thing that works and you will pass.  That  pass is success.  In school it doesn’t work that way and the fear of failing is embedded into people’s minds so deep that have a fear of trying anything new because they could fail and not pass.  Kids are so brainwashed with fear of not passing and getting approval that most, not all, will not try to achieve anything but mediocrity once they get out of school.  They will stick with things they feel comfortable with because “Oh my if I try to start my own business, try to get in better shape, try to make more money getting a better job, try to find the love of my life….I might fail and failing isn’t good.  That is what my teachers, parents and people in charge told me….I have to live up to what they think of me and not be myself.  Oh no, I can’t do that…

How sad and pathetic that is.  When Edison made the light bulb he failed 10,000 times.  Did he call it a failure?  Not on your life.  He just found another way that would not work to make a light bulb that educated him on where to go next!  It is that simple.  You have to fail more in order to be successful.  It means you are trying.  It means you want to succeed!  You have to stick with it and not quit.  It is another way of learning.  You will get there.  It is in the odds.  If you get a 300 batting average that can get you into the Baseball you have to get 30%  That is failing 70% of the time!  Do that in school and you get sent back a grade.  Do it life and you are a superstar!

In marketing using direct mail if you get a 1% response – that is great!  That means that you failed 99% of the time.  So there is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of if you fail.  It is a natural part of working to be successful.  You have to fail to learn.  Failing is the Yang of Yin of winning.  The natural balance to winning is failing.  The worse thing in life is to never try at all.  You will always guarantee you failing and never having a chance to win.

So get out there and start failing!  It is the natural way to success!