Five tips to maintain Focus

Focus is so important.  Being able to focus on what you want and being able to do what it takes to get it is what focus is all about.  Here are five simple tips to help maintain focus.

1. Know what your main goal or vision is.

You should know just what it is you want to accomplish.  Have that vision in your mind at all times.  You need to live and breath it.  Just casually thinking about it won’t do.  You should take time to visualize it daily and make it as real as possible.  Use all of your senses to make the image or vision.  Know who you want to be, what you want to do and how wonderful it will be when you do!

2.  Make a plan of  what you need to accomplish.

Sounds simple right?  Sometimes it can be harder than you think.  Set down at the beginning of the week and look at what your main vision (goal) is.  Now work on your roadmap and decide what steps need to be taken.  Make a daily plan of what you need to do and what amount of time you will dedicate to it.

3. Set aside time to do it.

Now that you know what you want to accomplish – give yourself the time to do it.  Set aside a block of time where this is the only thing that matters.  This is what you want to get done.  Nothing else should interfere with this time.  No distractions.  You should be only thinking, doing, making and being what you want to be during this block of time.

4. Do hourly checks to make sure you are on course.

When keeping focus on what you want to accomplish you should take fast checks to see if you are moving in the right direction or getting side tracked.  Take a moment to see if you have been distracted or are still on course.  If off course then correct it to bring your focus into a sharp picture.

5. Measure from where you started to where you are now.

Keep track of what you are doing and how far along you are.  This will tell how far you have been able to come over the time you have been doing it in order to see if you need to be even more focused than you were.  Results will tell you whether you need to kick it into a higher gear or retrace what you have already done and see what you could have done differently and can improve upon.  Use the measurements to know just how you are doing.  This will help keep you focused on your results.


These are simple tips but important ones just the same.  To be what you want to be and change who you currently are will require much focus.  Keep on the path you have chosen and don’t let distractions in life get to you.  The longer you are on the path the closer to the destination you will be.