FOCUS – Be clear on what you want!


A small word that means so much.  When your sight is out of focus you can’t see where you are going or what is in front of you.  Things aren’t clear and you can be very uncertain of what is happening or going to happen.  When things are out of focus life can slip you by.  A marksman has to have a clear sharp focus in his site in order to hit a difficult target.  Yet many people try to hit their target without focus and end up never getting the bull’s eye.

Focus of vision is so important.  Your vision is what you want to be and your ultimate goal.  If it is out of focus then hitting that target will be very difficult.  You need to have focus and apply focus in all areas of your life.  Focus give a direction for your passion.  When you want something so much and aren’t focused then you will never be able to reach it.  Focus and passion will get you there with a laser intensity.

Multitasking is a word for not being focused on your task at hand.  Many employers want multitasking to be one of the many skills an employee should have.  This makes a person spread thin and not able to do one task the best they can.  They want a person to work little bits on many things.  What usually happens is things don’t get done or they get done poorly.  Focus is the key to doing the best job you can.

One of my favorite authors Brendon Bruchard states that we should set aside ‘Block Time”  and I agree.  That is a set amount of time to work and focus on one task.  He uses it to write his books and create his courses.  He suggests taking a set amount of time each day and focus it towards the goal that you want to accomplish.  Don’t multitask, do email, answer the phone, visit, surf the web or any other distraction.  Stay focused on what you want to accomplish.  There will be time after you reach your goal to do those other things.

Many people will start looking at email, then check Facebook, kill time on YouTube, play a game, chat with a friend, do non-productive busy work (this is an avoidance technique)(straighten your desk, delete emails, etc) or just get lost and watch TV.  If you want to do those activities then you should set a time for them.  Don’t do them in the time allocated to work on your goal.  You will never hit your target with a blurry focus like that.

Do you want to live in a fog and never be able to see your ultimate goal?  Don’t set your goal only to get lost in the fog that blurs your focus.  Lots of time will get wasted and reaching your goal will take much longer or you will get lost and not make it at all. Get clear, get focused, focus on what your want and don’t let the distractions take you away from it.  Make the best use of your time to get a clear focus and hit your target.