How is your life going to look 5 years from now?

Have you ever wondered how your life is going to look 5 years from now? Most people don’t. Most people can only look from paycheck to paycheck and never plan out their lives. They go from day to day living in “quiet desperation”. This is actually the norm for most of the population. Most “normal” people only think in the short term living their lives in a reactionary state. They wake up, go to work usually doing a job they hate and wishing they could do something else. After trudging through their job they come home, sit in front of the TV and veg out. They never try to do anything to better themselves. They think it is easy to just do nothing. That is why most normal people get nothing. Oh they do get their paychecks from doing something that they wish they didn’t have to do. They are making the dreams of their employers come true while letting any dreams they had fade to black. What a tragedy.

Most people in their 60’s have about the same amount of money in their accounts as a 16 year old. Not much. This is from living the reactionary life. Going from day to day and only reacting to what is happening to and around them instead of making things happen for themselves. This is what “Normal” people do. They don’t get ahead. They don’t live their dreams. They don’t live a fulfilled life. They exist. They exist hoping that things will just stay the same and nothing will go wrong. They don’t prepare and that is why when their job is downsized they are in a state of panic. They are not ready and easily take on the victim attitude of “Why did this happen to me?” “Why am I always getting the short end of the stick?” “What did I do wrong to have so many bad things happen to me?” “Why do they always single me out?”. This is a total victim thought pattern. Thinking like this didn’t get them anywhere and will do the same to you if you have the same thinking.

Why be “Normal”? Why be like everyone else and live from day to day reacting to what happens to you? Take charge of your life. Look at yourself and see what you would like to change. Do you want a different job or start your own business? Do you want to live in a new house or a different area? Do you want love in your life or trying to find the perfect life partner? You can do these things and much more…

Start with a 5 year plan. Look out 5 years into the future and see what and who you want to be. Make a vision of your perfect life. Think of what your perfect day would look like – you can make it happen if you really want to. Don’t limit your vision. Putting a limit on your vision will give you now wiggle room to grow. Make your vision be everything you want it to be. Now set that as a 5 year goal. Now like any good road map you will begin to plan out your route. Nothing will ever be in a straight line. Roads aren’t and neither is a life path. Course correction will always happen. Road blocks will be there. You will have to make detours but will still have that goal you set for 5 years from now.

Start with where you will be a week, month, three months, 6 months…one year and so forth. See if the path you are taking is getting you in the direction of your destination. Are you going to go there on foot or in a fast car? How you want to get there is up to how badly you want to make it. Will your five years stretch out into 10 or will you speed it up and complete it in 2 years. Again this is all in your court. How much do you want it? Or do you want to go back and live in desperation day to day hoping someone will come and save you. There are no white knights out there any more. Become your own white Knight and save yourself. You are the only one who can do it. Start your journey today. Get on the path to your own dream. Make your own life. Live to the fullest. Map out your life direction. You can do it!