Luck Meditation from Living in Balance Today

Luck. Are you lucky? Are you not? What can you do to make yourself more lucky. The law of attraction is part of Luck. You vibrate and put out what you are thinking about all the time. The great Earl Nightingale in his “Greatest Secret” audio says that you are what you think about all the time. Athletes visualize what they are going to do. They run it through their minds over and over again until it becomes part of them. You can do the same thing with anything in your life. Practicing the visualization over and over again will get the image in your mind on an automatic level. Just like how you learned to ride a bike when you were young. You did it over and over again until it was second nature. That is a form of self programing. A part of the law of attraction or luck. You are what you think about because you are self programming yourself with the thoughts. That is why thinking positive thoughts are so important. You are doing a self fulfilling prophecy by thinking thoughts over and over again. What I have found is that negative thoughts are the ones that run as a recording over and over again – not positive ones. You have to work at keeping positive thoughts in your mind. Negative ones come without any work. They can dominate your thinking if you let them.

Please work with positive thoughts. Use this meditation to work towards what you want. Use it to self program your mind. Use it to put the energy out to the universe. Use it to inspire you to take action towards your dreams. You can do it.

I am sure you have had no problems thinking negative thoughts. I am sure that you have seen the results of it. So you know that self programming yourself and putting the energy out to the universe works. The universe doesn’t care if it is negative or not. It just works with what you are putting out or becoming. Why not become what you want. Don’t let negative energies rule your life. Life is to short to do this. Be the person you want to become. Not what circumstances are keeping you in. You can change it yourself.

Use and practice this meditation. Run the movie in your mind over and over again. Things will start to happen for you!

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Copyright by Moyan Brenn