Shirley Temple – What an amazing career – She knew what it takes to create change

America loved Shirley Temple.  She has been an icon for most of her life.  She started as a child star and was one of the most popular stars in Hollywood.  She starred in her fist movie in 1931 at the age of three.  She was in a dance studio taking lessons and a couple of producers spotted her and wanted to use her in some of their short films.  The rest is history.

Most people can”t even imagine that time let alone know anyone that is still living.  Most people know her for the wonderful movies she did and how she became a representative to the United Nations and the Ambassador to Ghana and then Czechoslovakia.   Pretty impressive.  She know how to focus and get what she wanted.  Those early years helped her to develop a drive and determination to be successful.   Being in the film industry helped her to hone her discipline at an early age.  She was able to use those key traits to become an ambassador for good.  It is a sad thing that we lost such an amazing person.  She will be remembered.

Shirley Temple shows that you can remake yourself at any age.  You can always change your life to what you want it to be.  It is never to late until the end.  Do you want to look back on your life and be like Shirley?  She lived her life the way she wanted to.  She didn’t let things like breast cancer stop her or hold her back.  She dealt with it with the same drive and focus that she did in all the areas of her life.  She did it in an unlimited manor.   She didn’t let thing get in her way.  She was kind, caring and very powerful all in one.  Can you say that you are living your life the way you want to?  Would you let something like cancer stop you in your tracks or would you be like Shirley?

Enthusiasm,  focus, determination, passion…all these things will get you what you want.  Don’t sit by and watch the world go by.  Unlimited people don’t.  Shirley didn’t.  What is your excuse?