Things aren’t always what they appear to be! Watch your step!

A story about my dad and I out pheasant hunting. We had a bit of an adventure because things didn’t go the way we thought it would.

Just like anything in life some things aren’t what they appear to be. It is impossible to see all the pitfalls…even the physical ones right in front of you! It is more how you react to these pitfalls and what you do once you fall into one. Do you warn others to watch out? Do you climb out your hole and continue on after learning a valuable lesson? Do you just sit there and wait for someone to pull you out?

How you react to pitfalls tell so much about you and how successful you will be in life. The old saying “That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is very true. Of course that also implies you don’t fall into a victim mentality and go forward unstoppable.

Way to many people will “sit in the creek they fall in” and never do anything to correct what problems they have fallen into. Especially the unseen ones. They lack the fortitude (or just don’t care) to pick themselves up and go forward. It is easier to quit and not do anything about problems. After all, they live their lives like that anyway.

You aren’t that way. Like my dad, when you fall into an unseen creek, you get your ass out of it and continue on to reach your goal. Even if it is just picking up a pheasant!

My little story has so many lessons that can be learned from it. I know you can pull this lesson and more from it!

Listen and enjoy a story about how things may not be what they appear!