What changes do you want to make in 2014? Why not start now!

How did 2013 do for you? Did you make all your dreams and wishes come true? Did you change your body and get in shape? Did you do anything different in order to make the changes needed? Did old programming hold you back? Did you try anything or just sat around wishing things would be different? Well folks if you want things to be different in 2014 you are going to have to take some action to make it happen.

Using the law of attraction is the first important step in making your dreams come true. It helps to create that road map of where you want to go. What you want to do and who you want to become. Sitting on your ass and not taking the route laid out for you will get you no where. You will miss 100% of every target that you don’t shoot at. The law of Attraction is very very important and the law of action is what gets the wheel turning!

So you think…”I will just cruise until New Year and start with my resolutions. I can just wait until then.” You are burning daylight son (or daughter)! Why wait? What does some day on the calendar really mean? You say the holidays will get in the way. I know because I have used that excuse in the past. Stuff like:

I will start on Monday.
I need to lose 25 pounds before exercising.
I am to busy with work.
I am tired and will have more energy in a few days.
I don’t have the skill.
I need to study more.
I am not good enough.
I am waiting on my significant other.
I am waiting for (insert excuse).

Waiting, waiting, waiting…

These are just a little sample of excuses not to get started and changing your life or creating the one you want. Folks let me tell you it is all bull muffins. There is no excuse or reason not to get started today. Take some time out to walk, run, workout, write, read, network, create some art, cook a meal, …. just do something in the direction of your dreams and goals.

Most people think to small or just want to be living in mediocrity. You don’t have to be a Donald Trump to be successful… but it would be nice! Having good health, creating a living you will love, having the home of your dreams, not worrying about money… are just the tip of the iceberg if you begin to take action.

Will you make mistakes? Damn right you will. We all do but what you do with them is what is important. Remember Mr. Trump? He went bankrupt but is now back on top. Why? His law of attraction and mindset if for prosperity and not poverty. His mindset is that of a billionaire. He would be broke if he just had millions. He puts out that energy and mindset of a billionaire. That thought pattern combined with him taking action is what puts him on top. He doesn’t sit on his tush doing nothing and just dreaming or meditating about it. Those things are also important and need to be done in addition to action. Not just dreaming alone. The thoughts and mindset are what get you going and able to do the action needed.

So why wait for the beginning of the year to start the New Year! It is all in your mind and you can change that in an instant. That the first step. Decide what you want to change and go for it. Don’t wait until it is to late.

I had a friend that I talked with from time to time. Nice guy and he did have a new car and seemed to be doing ok. He wasn’t driven though. He told me plans of getting a new home, maybe starting a relationship and just improving his life in general. He said he had plenty of time and he was a little younger than I am. I found out a couple of months ago he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer but the doctors thought he had a really good chance of beating it and getting better. He passed away two months later right after thanksgiving. Life can change in an instant.

That boils down to “What the @%^&* are you waiting for? A written invitation?” Well here it is:

“You are cordially invited to begin your new life. No need to wait any longer. You have just won the grand prize of a new mindset. All you need to do is to take action.” There you go. It is in writing and now it is up to you. Don’t think I or anyone can change you. Only you can do that. Step up and do it. One day you will thank yourself for it. Send me a postcard from your new mansion on the island you own. I would love to hear from you!