What do you really want?

What is it you really want?

Some people think they know what they want – but really don’t.  They think they want a Mercedes and think about one all the time.  They visualize it, read about them, even try to put emotion into it.  They think they can get it with these thought patterns.  One would think that what they are doing is going to work.  But nothing happens.  Why?  It isn’t that they person isn’t trying, they are.  What is happening that in the back of their mind they really don’t believe that they can have a new Mercedes.  They counter what they want to do.  They put doubt into it.  To reach a goal you have to really feel good about it.  Not just that you want it.  You want something that creates massive desire.

Napoleon Hill says that you have to have a burning desire for and believe that you can achieve it.  When starting out with attracting things into your life you should start with things that fire you up and are in your zone.  The zone is where it all clicks together.  When you start with these desires, no matter how small or simple, you will see and know that it can happen.  What you desire can happen.  The desire should be powerful.

“Ask and you shall receive,” this is said in all the great teachings in the world.  You have to know what it is that you want.  Don’t focus on the how, that will happen in it’s own time and shouldn’t be your concern.  The universe will take care of that.  You should focus on what you want.  Make it something that you want and know you can get.  This will start working on your ability to attract things into your life.  Start with things that you really, really, really want.  Don’t focus on things you think you want but in your heart don’t know if you can have or how.  Remember those things aren’t important.  You have to give all your energy into getting what you want.

Think about it, visualize it, feel it in  your mind, smell it (all in your visualization) and most important you should put yourself in the image.  When working the image  you should put yourself in it and that you already have what you wanted.  Imagine how great it will feel and be when  you have your desire.  If you feel great, then your level of belief is high but if you don’t feel good after the visualization then your level of belief is low.  You want to feel good and be in your zone.

If you want something and that something is change, you will have to change.  You can’t expect to do the same thing and get the same results.  That is why you are where you are.  Burning with desire for change is what is needed for real change.  To attract what  you want no matter what it is – you have to be able to change and really change.

This is just a basic for attracting what you want into  your life.