What do you think of most of the time – You attract what you think the most about!

Dreams, visions, thoughts… our minds are going nonstop most of the day.  Jumping from one thought to another triggered by outside influences, smells, touch, conversations or a host of other things.  We do many things on autopilot while our minds endlessly chatter away.  I have heard our mind is called the “Monkey Mind” that jumps from one thought to another without any real pattern to it.  It just goes about doing what it wants to do and leaving us kind of out in the dark.  We try to bring that old monkey back into focus but within a short time it is chattering away because you hear d a jingle on the radio that triggers a memory of a fun dinner party you were at or some other event in your life.  Giving this monkey bananas won’t even help.  What can we do?

We all know that what you think the most about is what you attract or become.  How can you keep that goal in mind when that darn monkey is chattering away?  You need to monitor your thoughts and reign that monkey in!  Monitor your thoughts you say?????  How in the world will I do that and still function?  I am talking about monitoring the majority of your thoughts, not all of them.  It is what you think MOST about is what you attract or become.  Trying to monitor all of your thoughts would be impossible.  Make an effort to keep tabs on what you are thinking and when you drift off, and that would probably be often, bring it back to focus.

You can also do meditation during the day.  You can use some meditation exercises like counting your breaths while you meditate.  Go to an area where you will not be disturbed and begin your meditation.  Start breathing in and out slowly while relaxing the body.  Begin to count your breaths.  You can count at the end of every exhale.  Keep your attention focused only on the breathing.  When the mind begins to wander bring it back to focus on the breathing.  You can also use the technique of visualizing a small bubble of energy that is going around each vertebrae of the spine. Make it circle each one three times.  By the time you reach the top (that would be 99 rotations since there is 33 vertebrae) it will take you about ten minutes.  Time the rotation with the breathing.  Giving your mind this much to do and focus on will help to keep it tame.  Remember to bring it back to the task at hand if it does wander.

You should do your best to keep your mind focused on what you want most.  You should be focused on your goals and vision.  Keep that at the front of your mind.  Everything you do should work towards that vision in some way.  This will keep you focused and centered.  Keep that monkey mind from stealing your energy.  Become the master of your thoughts and life!