What is Money? Why aren’t you getting more of it?

What is money?  Is it just some special paper with printing on it?  Does it represent certain amounts even though there isn’t more paper?  Is it what we get for working?  Yes….and no.   Money is basically a representation of value given.  It is energy.  It is the end product of solving a problem.

Money is the end result of an idea or value given.  Sure the government prints money and it is supposed to represent a certain value in the marketplace.  Money is the byproduct of helping someone in some way.  It is the by product of an item purchased to solve a problem or to give pleasure.  An idea creates money as a by product.  Look at the automobile.  The idea of solving a transportation problem was solved with the automobile and in return it has generated a lot of money.  Same with medications, food, housing and so forth.  Ideas to solve problems will generate money as it’s by product.  Money is a representation of energy.  Some people will give linear time (working) to receive this energy in exchange for the energy they are putting out.  So as you can see the best way to create money is with an idea!

You may say that is fine and dandy but I have tried to get money and it just doesn’t come to me.  You say that you have a lot of ideas but the money isn’t there.  That could be because of your relationship to money.  So people have limiting beliefs when it comes to money.  Money doesn’t grow on trees, I am not made of money and so forth.  They also may have bad thoughts about people who have a lot of money.  They may think they are bad people and have done unethical things to get all the money.  They despise wealthy people consciously or subconsciously.  People will not become what they despise.  They will not become what they hate.  And hate it is.  This hate sets an internal thermostat that won’t let them earn over a certain amount because of some past fear or limiting belief.  They drive money (which is energy) away with the negative energy they are putting out over it.  It is a vicious cycle that keep you from never getting more than your internal thermostat.

Start with changing your idea about money.  Think of it as the energy it is and how it is given for the energy you produce.  Learn how to ask for it.  If you are giving energy out you should get this energy back in the amounts that are just for it.  Work on resetting your internal thermostat so that you think of abundance instead of lack.  Money is the product of your ideas, energy and creation.  Work on removing old limiting beliefs that are holding you back.  Look within yourself and find some of those beliefs.  Begin to monitor your thoughts about money and reword them to a more positive tone when it come to money.  You are worth it.  Money should come to you easily.  You can repeat mantras about money.  Make them your own and how money will  do the things for you that you dream about.  Be open to receiving money.  It is the stuff of life energy and we all need that kind of energy to survive.

Change your thoughts about money and how to get that energy flowing and it will come you way!