What secret does Peyton Manning have for success?

There is no doubt about it.  Peyton Manning is a successful person!  He has lived his life for his passion and has become one of the all time best in what he does.  Even when most folks thought he was out due to neck injuries Peyton came back and proved them all wrong.  Peyton has what it takes.  He is a great example of what a successful, passionate person is.  What is it that makes Peyton so successful at what he does?  Some people would say, “It comes naturally to him” or “He is just lucky”  Well he may be a little of both but that only gets you so far.

Peyton knows what it takes to be the best in what you do.  He lives it every day of his life.  The first thing Peyton knew what he wanted to be and worked towards that goal.  He created a passion to be the best quarter back he could be.  That passion gave him the fire to do what most people don’t do in order to be the best at what he does.  Practice!  Peyton practices thousands of times, over and over again until what he does is so wired into every fiber of his being it looks like he does it so easily.  That is why people says it comes naturally to him.  It looks like he was born to do this.  Yes I am sure he has some natural talent.  There are A LOT of people with natural talent that don’t do jack anything in life.  They try to do as little as possible and think that their natural talents with get them there.  How is that working for them?  I don’t see them at the top of the game doing what they love.  Only people like Peyton Manning, Jerry Rice, Bret Farve, Richard Branson, Madona and a long list of other successful people.  They practice!

THarv Ecker says “That every Master was once a disaster!”  That is for sure.  You don’t start out doing anything like a person who has practiced until it becomes second nature to them.  A person that doesn’t have any natural talent but practices all the time no matter what the subject is will do better than a person who has a “Natural Talent” and does no practice.  You must be able to do your passion as if you were born to do it.  That goes for being a business owner, singer, painter or whatever.  When you first started driving a car or riding a bike I am sure you were very unsure of yourself.  I am sure you made mistakes but with more experience and PRACTICE you got better.  You had a vision, goal, passion and determination to succeed and now these things are second nature.  You had to overcome some fears of defeat and I am sure you did fail from time to time but those set backs didn’t stop you.  Like Peyton Manning, you learned from the setbacks and kept practicing.  You were going to become the best you could at driving or riding the bike.  You did it because only being the best in those areas would keep you safe.  Would give you the skill to do this and succeed!  You practiced and it became second nature to you.

Learn from Peyton and other successful people.  You have to keep practicing and trying even in the face of failure and setbacks.  Keep the vision of your goal and who you want to be or are and do it.  Practice until people say that you were born to do this.  The worlds it will open up for you will be your wildest dreams!