When you feel uninspired – get out into nature

   When you are feeling uninspired, blocked, tired, sad or any other negative emotion…get out in nature and recharge.  There is something about getting out into nature, especially incredible magnificent areas, you will get re-energized and will feel better.  Getting out into nature will ground you.  Make you feel just how wonderful this world is and so is your life.  Nature will help your energy field detoxify.  It is an energy cleansing.  Let your mind just forget about things that are bothering you and start feeling better.

You want to feel good all the time.  Feeling bad just puts out bad energy or vibes.  The bad energy going out will bring in bad things that are vibrating at that frequency.  So change them.  Take a walk in nature and change.  Let the positive energy flow into you and just breath it in.  Let the old unwanted beliefs and energy go away.  Replace them with thoughts that will make you happy and re-energize you.

Nature can do wonders.