You are not your mistakes!

We create definitions of ourselves through things we have done. We create labels for ourselves or have others create them for us. Many times we will create labels for ourselves from mistakes we have made. We are not our mistakes. They are not who we are. We are not our mistakes yet many times we let them define us. By letting our mistakes define us we put limits on what we can do and who we are. Let’s say when you are growing up, you may have a little trouble putting into words your thoughts and feelings you have because you are so full of life and energy. So when you speak your mind goes faster than your thoughts and words come out broken and it sounds like you may stutter. People hearing this classify you as a person who stutters when that is not the case but far from it. When hearing this you begin to believe it yourself. You have now put a label on yourself of being a stutterer and may not want to interact or express yourself even when you have so much to share. This label will hinder you from social growth, personal growth and many other areas in life. This is just one example of how mistakes can be a label of who you are – and that is never the case.

People are who they are. You do have to develop a thick skin to people’s comments or criticism. That is what they think and they are not you. Don’t let them put a label on you. People make mistakes, that is part of learning and growth. Learn from them but let them control you. Each person is a wonderful complete creation. We are blank slates in the beginning being filled with other people’s thoughts, ideas, beliefs, actions and opinions. As children we are so pure and without false identities. Children don’t put up fronts trying to be what they are not. They act and play as they are. As they grow and interact with others (children or adults) the labels start to build up. After a while some children lose their own identity due to labels that people in authority put on them. Many go through lives not being able to grow to the potential they have simple due to poor self-esteem they create for themselves and go through a life of quite desperation.

Take a look at yourself. A good long look at the real you. Go deep inside and see what labels you have created for yourself. Are they real definitions of who you are or are they just labels of mistakes you have made? Are you living an identity that someone else forged for you? Is what you call yourself who you truly are? Write down all the labels that come to mind. Now think back and trace to where do these labels come from? Did these come from when you where a child? Did a parent give you this label? Is it from something you did or is it who you truly are? If any of these labels do not express who you truly are get rid of them!! Put in place new definitions of who you are. Don’t stick with the old ones. You can shed all these old labels and not be your mistakes. Be who you really are. Live life the way you want to and don’t live it according to mistakes or labels that you should never of had in the first place. Be yourself! Love life! Live with passion!