which way do I go

You have taken the first step – Now which way do you go?

From my previous post I talked about taking the first step.  Find what your passion is and it doesn’t have to be one thing.  You can have multiple passions.  Just choose one to put your time and energy in first then you can work on the others as you go along.  Don’t split your energy up to many ways.  You will never get anywhere fast doing this.  Focus is important.  That is how you also send the strongest message to the universe and send out the most energy to attract things to you.

Now that you have the passion you wish to work on, you will have to decide what your end goal or destination is. Are you wanting to start a business? Get a new house? Find a job? Get a car? What is it that you want your passion to bring you or what dream to you ultimately have?  That is your end destination for this journey.  Now you have a start (passion) and a finish (end goal)  the rest is just a road map.

What I mean by road map is the journey.  You want to get from point A to point B and it is never a straight line, never.  Now this is a hard concept but you don’t want to map out this journey.  You want to start heading in the right direction but you want the universe to help guide you along.  You need to take your end goal and visualize it.  Make it as real as possible with smells, sites, touch and emotions.  Now think about this for only about 10 to 15 minutes a day.  Do it in a quiet place like right before bed or when you wake.  Don’t let things interrupt you.  This is a important thing you are doing and it puts out the thought energy to the universe about what you want to attract.

Now that you have done that, take a step in the direction of your goal but not a written in stone direction – the universe may give you something even better.

Here is an example:  Lets say your passion is painting.  You love artwork and love to express yourself in this creative fashion.  So you have the idea to paint many pieces of artwork and sell them at an art show or flea market.  You are sure that you will make a good living doing this and will have your passion fulfilled.  You have your paintings on display and someone comes up to you and says how much they love the artwork.  They ask if this is all you do or would be willing to do.  You said yes this is what you do at the moment but then ask them what do they mean. (You are aware the universe brings opportunities in different ways).

They say they have some murals they would love to have you paint for them.  The murals are going to be part of their business display and they will give you a basic idea of what they want and then let you use your creative flair.  This may be for one of their stores but the potential could be for several dozen and they have other business friends who are looking for just the same thing.  This type of work will be very lucrative and could last for a number of years.  This is a fork in the road and it is up to you how to proceed.  Do you follow the opportunity that the universe presented or stick to your original path that you put in stone?

See what I mean by not putting your path in stone.  This could be what you were meant to do.  It could be the passion outlet that brings you to your ultimate dream.  It is what you have put the energy out for.

Now this is a very generalized example and action steps.  You are the one who will make it as intense as needed and begin in the direction needed.  You may need to learn something more, change your thoughts, create a new pattern….this is all up to you.

So think about it.  Take the next step and create the ultimate dream or vision from our passion.  Then take another step in that direction.  The universe is waiting to see what you are going to do.